Monday, August 2, 2010

Detroit for Hot Hair . . I truly thought I knew of every Big HAIR Show In the Country. A huge, huge … secret .

Crown n Glory510Detroit apparently has a once a year hair show that I found out about because I decided I need to widen my education and bought a subscription to TIME MAGAZINE.

I’m sorry, but the INTERNET for current events and TV news is just not what it needs to be.

Its like watching TMZ almost and it is terrible, in my book. Following the Housewives as “NEWS” is just not what needs to be done. And you know what ? I love the “Housewives” shows….but IN THEIR TIME AND PLACE>… not EVERYWHERE.

Sure enough on the pages of Time magazine I find one of the most interesting, provocative stories on hair  . . . that I have been yearning for.

Lady GAGA is affecting everything and people need to stand up and listen. I know she is crazy and far out. . . .but we always need “crazy and far – out” - ALWAYS …. and then boring – middle of the road , and completely UN-interesting . . . - - - -  In order for there to be something new and interesting in the world.  WE lost the KING of that - -  WE Lost the KING of POP - - - -  and we need to wake up and realize how much we NEEDED SOMEONE LIKE HIM IN OUR LIVES  > > > > He was with us for 40 years …. so we never thought much about it. We never thought he would be gone, do you know how many people I know were shocked that he was 50 years old…..he never looked like he aged, he was always ageless. He asked us to think about the planet in the 90’s. IN THE 90’s ! ! ! ! ! Its 2010. 20 Years later it took us. That is so maddening to me. I’ve always been the “freak” too…. the one who is way ahead of the norm. . . . .don’t make fun of those people……...EVER. YOU NEED THEM TO HELP SPUR THE LIFE OUT OF YOU,……… WHO AREN’T.

LADY GAGA is the NEXT ‘QUEEN OF POP’…..Yes, she’s Ahead of everyone and does CCCCCCCCCCCrazy AHEAD of her time things…. BUT LISTEN TO HER……….. LIKE YOU GAVE UP ON MICHAEL. . . .God puts people like that in your life for a REAL - - VALID - - - REASON.

Don’t blow it again and again . . .  listen to those who are ahead of you there is a reason they are there. Its not just ‘weird’. . . its VALID THINKING….. and needs to be considered.

She won’t ever replace him, no one will. But the tragedy of Michael in my opinion ( as Madonna said . .) is our own fault - -  we all ‘judged him’  - -  like we are or were better than him. One of the biggest mistakes of LIFE is “JUDJING PEOPLE”.

NEVER EVER JUDGE ANYONE, UNLESS YOU ARE PERFECT and I have never ever met anyone who is. The people that judge the most, are the ones who live the most lies.

Don’t you ever say you aren’t.

Because you are.

Now to calm back down and try to show you some radical head of hairstyles . . . look at them and LOVE THEM. . .  like I have.

Its hair and hair is beautiful in any state.

Particularly so in these states……. from a great hair show that happens every year in DETROIT………………that I have never heard of…………….

I hate to think ‘why’ I have never heard of it. But, I hope from my little rant here. . . .that NEXT YEAR. .. . . .. . . . . .

IT WILL BE BIGGER and a ‘magazine cover ‘  . . . . . . . . . not just a small story INSIDE….

Knock yourself out – Detroit Hair Show

Crown n Glory512

Crown n Glory509

Crown n Glory511


Crown n Glory514

 WILD STYLE     Styled by Teddie The Braid Artist, Modeled by Candis Benford Prep time 8 hr.

Crown n Glory515

Beautiful Butterfly Styled by Niecy Hayes, modeled by Taja Hiu, prep time  10 hr.

Crown n Glory513

The Hummer, Styled by Little Willie, modeled by Sharv Bailey,  prep time 1 day

Its called HAIR WARS a 25 year old Detroit Tradition this year featuring 34 stylists and 300 models

I bet after this. . . . a REALITY SHOW cannot be that far off. My cousin lost his job after 30 some years with FORD. . .  recently Michigan has been harder hit than any other state. . . . so anything I can do to help . . .I am just more than happy to….

My parents spend 1/4 of the year in Michigan, the land they were born in. Its funny, my Father wanted to give his family and his children everything Michigan didn’t offer. . . wealth, work, prosperity…better weather. So he moved us all to L.A. the Land of Dreams. Now he goes back every year and LOVES IT, he has more friends than I have ever seen him have…..they both have more fun than they ever have had here in LA….its weird to think I could have been raised there had there just been one change in my dad’s mind…. and it is before my mom started running things. . . I can tell that one.  She would have stayed there. Boy, that’s a weird thought. You would NOT BE READING THIS ! THAT’s for sure!

Now our family is so dis-jointed I haven’t spoken to my brothers in 10 years and they live within 15 miles of me. I feel adding loads of money to the picture doesn’t solve any problems. . . it masks them for a while then ruins them forever. Mountains of money make for mountains of problems and problems that never can be solved. Its too late for us now. My parents are still here, but once they are gone. . .the 3 of us will go on living our disjointed separate lives forever.

Its so completely and utterly sad to me and my daughters.

So treasure where you live. Never ever think LA and California is the land of dreams…….to me its the land of screams, not dreams. When people press me on this subject ,  I say one thing to them  . . . .    ”LOOK AT OPRAH”   is my answer………. Look at the money she has amassed……………her mother and father are still alive, do we ever hear of them, she has NO relatives ? ?  I find that very hard to believe….is she ever seen with any of  them  ? ? ? ? ………………….NOPE, not a one. . . Money ruins everything.     She doesn’t talk to her father or her mother or any family members. . ……I’m just saying.                                                     ……………….Nope - - - I relate my family to hers . . . in my head – no its no where near the amount of money…..but just so I have something to keep myself from losing it & making sense out of nonsense . . .that is how I  see it  .   .    .    .    .



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